How you found us. 

Every great wedding venue should have an even greater love story behind it.  This one began in San Diego, California. Meredith, a southern belle from eastern Tennessee knew love when she met Seattle area native David on a rooftop in the big city.

David was chasing a dream of music and a career in aviation, and Meredith was a promising young graduate with a career in business management.  The stage was set for a picket fence and 2.5 children.  Shortly after the arrival of their son, Oliver, the couple began to feel the urge to chase other dreams and find a way to share their enthusiasm for life, love, and creativity with others.

What followed that urge was a two month long road trip with a soul searching journey that took them from San Diego to Seattle, and back across the country to Tennessee. At this final stop, the idea was hatched to create an atmosphere and venue where a wedding could be fun, stress free, and most of all filled with love.

Welcome to Meredith's Family Farm where love is abundant.

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